Don't You Wish Parenting Came with a Handbook?

Every parent struggles with parenting at some point in time. Hi, I'm Linda Piantieri. Welcome to my website. I offer behavior training, screening for children and infants, and parent education. I have specialized training to work with infants and their caretakers, and parent education. I also provide individual consultations, play therapy and family therapy to address concerns that you may be experiencing in your family such as:

Excessive worrying and/or shyness/anxiety
Behavioral outbursts/anger and stress management
Difficulties making friends/bullying
AdHd management, diagnosis and treatment
Differences in parenting styles
Sibling rivalry/lying/hitting
Potty training issues
Grief and other loss
Life transitions and changes
Getting children to complete homework/education issues
Aggression and difficulties at school
Divorce/blended families/co-parenting
Issues of abuse and neglect


What is normal behavior and when should I seek help?
Do you want help with life skills that will make your life easier--even if your child’s behavior is normal and expectable? I will help you find information and effective tools, and practice skills that will help you and your child. There are techniques and skills for reinforcing desired behaviors. I work with clients toward goals that we define together in a respectful and confidential way. Are you frustrated with your child and/or your parenting? Do you wonder if your child is “going through a stage” or has some undiagnosed difficulty? I can help guide you through demystifying, understanding and coping with what is happening. As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with specialized training in Infant Mental Health, Play Therapy and with issues of behaviors and families, I will work with you to collaboratively address your concerns about your child(ren) and family. Don’t wait another day. 

Call 407-719-2525 for a free brief phone consultation or to set an appointment.

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